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Niagara County, NY

December 13, 2010: Public Hearing (1)-Terry's Corners (2) Fire Contracts



DECEMBER 13, 2010

A Public Hearing of the Town Board of the Town of Royalton was held on Monday, December 13, 2010, at the Royalton Town Hall, 5316 Royalton Center Road, Middleport, New York.  Supervisor Lang called the Public Hearing to order at 7:00 PM.  The Pledge to the Flag was recited at the first Public Hearing held this evening.

The following were present:

Supervisor                                             Richard J. Lang

Deputy Town Clerk                               Jill Seelbinder

Council Members                                  Jennifer Bieber, James Budde, Bradley Rehwaldt

Highway Superintendent                        Terry Nieman

Historian                                               Jesse Bieber

Attorney                                               Thomas Brandt

Also present were:                                See Attached Sheets


Supervisor Lang stated that this time is in relation to the proposed financing of the expansion of  Terry's Corners to the existing fire hall using the proceeds of a loan made by the Bank of Akron and secured by a note and a mortgage given by the fire company to the bank of  Akron for  $1.2 million.  The obligation is in the maximum amount of  $1.2 million.  The said expansion for the fire hall is to be used for providing fire protection services to the Town of Royalton; said fire hall is located at 7801 Chestnut Ridge, Gasport, NY.  The public hearing and subsequent approval of the Royalton Town Board of  issuance of the note and mortgage for are pre requisite to the exemption for income taxation of the interest payable under the terms of such obligation pursuant to section 103 and related sections of and regulations under the internal revenue code persons attending the public hearing will be given the opportunity to make statements in connection with the proposed financing and written comments may be submitted to the Royalton Town Clerk at or prior to the public hearing.  Any resident of the Town of Royalton shall be entitled to be heard upon of said borrowing at such public hearing.  This notice to the public in the occurrence with the public notice requirements of the tax equity and fiscal responsibility act of 1982 by order of the supervisor of the Town of Royalton.  Do we have any questions?  Mr. Tenese is here representing the Fire Company and for everyone here  in the audience that the Town Board by law  has to run this public hearing in accordance with the law for the Fire Company and it's really for the Fire Company  and the Town Board and the Town are not undertaking the obligation and are not obliged  to paying anything that if anyone is worried that the Town  is involved in this it is not.  The town as an entity is not to liable to pay any of this money and it is a requirement of the law to run the public meeting and approve the borrowing and that then allows the fire company to obtain income free tax interest rate that obviously lowers the amount of money that the fire hall has to pay back when they pay the mortgage.  This said that covers everything thing except one thing, there needs to be one correction that it should be Evans Bank.  Correct bank to be corrected in the minutes.  Jeff  Baes (President of the Terry's Corners Fire Hall) is present if there are any questions.  Richard Lang asked if there were any questions and that Terry's Corners is doing an excellent job and thanks them for coming in.  We will be putting it to a vote. 

A motion to close this session was made by Councilwoman Bieber, seconded by Councilman Budde, the following was 

ADOPTED                  Ayes    4          Lang, Bieber, Budde, Rehwaldt

                        Nays    0          None


DECEMBER 13, 2010

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Supervisor Land stated that this time is to approve or not approve the (3) year contract with the (5) Town of Royalton fire companies.  Contract dates to run from January 1, 2011 - December 31, 2013.  3% increments for each year.  Any comments from the floor?  Any comments from the board?

A motion to close this session was made by Councilman Budde, seconded by Councilwoman  Bieber.

ADOPTED                  Ayes    4          Lang, Bieber, Budde, Rehwaldt

                        Nays    0          None

We will close out this meeting until 7:30 P.M.

Respectfully submitted,

Pat Hinds

Royalton Town Deputy Clerk