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November 14, 2011: PUBLIC HEARING - 2012 BUDGET





Town of Royalton 2012 Budget

November 14, 2011



The Public Hearing for the 2012 Budget for the Town of Royalton was held on Monday, November 14, 2011, at the Royalton Town Hall, 5316 Royalton Center Road, Middleport, New York.  The meeting was called to order by Supervisor Richard J. Lang at 7:45 PM.  The Pledge to the Flag was recited at the previous public hearing held this evening.   


The following were present:


Supervisor                                Richard J. Lang

Town Clerk                              Marie L. Little, RMC/CMC

Town Board Members               Jennifer Bieber, Daniel Bragg, James Budde, Bradley Rehwaldt

Water/Sewer Superintendent    Daniel Morse

Town Attorney                       Thomas H. Brandt

Also present were:                   See Attached Sheets


The purpose of this meeting was to hear and consider the information pertaining to the 2012 Budget for the Town of Royalton.  Supervisor Lang stated that the total appropriations for the 2012 Budget will be $5,665,075.00.  The total amount of fund balance to be used will be $133,863.00.  The amount to be raised by taxes will be $1,766,469.00.  The tax levy change will be 1.95%. 


2012 TOWN OF ROYALTON TOWN BUDGET                                                                                                                   

Amounts to be raised by taxation are as follows:


ROYALTON WATER DISTRICT                                              $583,690.00

ROYALTON SEWER DISTRICT                                              $155,930.00

ROYALTON REFUSE DISTRICT                                             $445,532.00

GASPORT LIGHTING DISTRICT                                             $  15,500.00

ROYALTON FIRE PROTECTION                                            $438,804.00

DRAINAGE FUND                                                                    $143,111.00


Pursuant to Section 108 of the New York State Town Law, the proposed salaries of the Town Officers are hereby specified:


            Supervisor (1)                                      $16,000.00

            Town Board Members (4)                    $24,000.00 ($  6,000.00 each)

            Town Justice (2)                                   $34,394.00 ($17,197.00 each)

            Town Clerk (1)                                    $45,241.00

            Superintendent of Highways (1)            $57,155.00

            Tax Collector (1)                                  $  6,367.00


FURTHER NOTICE is given that pursuant to Real Property Tax Law Section 495, the Exemption report that shows total assessed value on the final assessment roll that was used in the budgetary process that is exempt from taxation is on file with the Preliminary 2012 Budget.





Town of Royalton 2012 Budget

November 14, 2011

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Supervisor Lang stated that the tax rate for the town will be about a $.04 reduction per thousand for assessed value.  Supervisor Lang stated that the Supervisor and the Town Board members took no pay raise again this year.  The union contract called for a 2% pay increase.  Most non-union employees also received a 2% pay increase. 


Town Historian Jesse Bieber stated that not everyone received a pay raise in the town.  There were at least a dozen people that work for the town that did not receive a raise. 


Mr. James Kelly asked how many full-time and part-time employees work for the town.  Supervisor Lang stated that there are eleven (11) full-time employees in the highway and water departments.  There are approximately twenty (20) part-time employees. 


Discussion ensued regarding having an attorney being paid to attend our meetings.  Councilman Budde stated that the attorney is here to provide legal guidance to the town board when necessary but he does not attend every meeting. 


Mr. Carlos Cedeno, Lincoln Avenue, discussed the issue of raises while others in the community don't have a choice and are not receiving any raises. 


Mr. Scott Wymczak, Riddle Road, discussed the union contract that will come up for negotiations again next year.  Mr. Wymczak suggested that the residents sitting here tonight attend the union negotiations to see that the town board members hold the line on the next union contract. 


Supervisor Lang stated that as CEO for the Town of Royalton he has not received a raise in the past six (6) years.  The Town Board Members have not received a raise in the same time period as well.  Supervisor Lang stated that he feels that this is holding the line.    


Discussion ensued regarding the windmills and how that will affect our budget. 


Mr. James Kelly asked if the town board could move things along quicker for the 2013 budget so we do not come up against a hard target.  Councilman Budde stated that the State of New York gives us a timeline to work on but we can start deliberating in June if we want to.  The problem is that we do not receive hard core figures to work with prior to the fall. 


Supervisor Lang stated that he feels they did a pretty good job with the mandates that are out there and the required maintenance.  Supervisor Lang stated that he is very proud of the employees and they do an excellent job. 


Councilwoman Bieber stated that she would like to make an amendment to the budget, which will not change anything to the bottom line figures.  The Village of Middleport will receive a $.19 increase with the way the budget is set right now.  If we change the fund balance appropriations between the General Fund and the Highway Fund, we can reduce the Village of Middleport tax rate to $.11.  Councilwoman Bieber suggested taking an additional $30,000.00 in fund balance from the General Fund (A) for a total of $57,000.00 and changing the Highway Fund Balance (DB) from $40,000.00 down to $10,000.00. This will help lower the tax rate for the residents residing in the Village of Middleport.  Councilman Budde stated that he agrees with this recommendation. 


Town of Royalton 2012 Budget

November 14, 2011

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There being no further information to come before this board pertaining to this public hearing, a motion was made by Councilman Budde, seconded by Councilwoman Bieber and carried unanimously that the Public Hearing be adjourned at 8:00 PM.


Respectfully submitted,


Marie L. Little, RMC/CMC

Marie L. Little, RMC/CMC

Royalton Town Clerk